Kick start the recruiting process!

Job Match is the latest product developed by Job Profile, a leader in online personality assessments
with over 10 years experience helping recruiters, HR managers and employers hire right.

Job Match was created as a result of our nice clients wanting a product that could help them
write a job ad that would attract the best candidates to apply.

Who to Target
Every job requires a specific personality style for it to be done successfully –
you’ll discover what style of person you should be looking for.

What to Write
Job Match gives you keywords and phrases to use in your job ad that are guaranteed
to attract the right candidates to apply.

How to Engage
And finally... you’ll learn how to communicate with candidates – keeping them
interested right through the recruitment process.

Job Match is based on proven behavioural and psychometric principals to generate
results for each questionnaire.

Customised reports feature four key identifiers;

Drivers | Promoters | Supporters | Analysers

When blended together in varying percentages these four personality styles make us who we are.
Most of us are a combination of two styles. The first is a ‘Dominant Style’, this is the one
that governs how we behave and will be the best match for the job.

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