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JobMatch asks six questions to determine who the ideal person is.
To complete the questionnaire rank the level of priority for each job by allocating a value of 1 to 4 for each question.
FOUR being the HIGHEST priority and ONE being the LOWEST.
(as per example question below)

When answering, focus on what the core essential qualities of the job are. These are the MUST have qualities,
ones you can’t do without and indispensable to the job being done well.

If you are indecisive and select non essential traits, the result will be a profile where each of the four styles are too
evenly matched, and are unlikely to be found in one person.

Level  of  Priority

Lowest   Highest

1. Describe the working environment

1 2 3 4
  Pro-active and energetic  
  Stimulating and social  
  Stable and harmonious  
  Structured and procedural  

2. What is this job's primary focus?
  Activity and results  
  People and communication  
  Service and support  
  Facts and figures  

3. What is this person being asked to do?
  Provide leadership and solve problems  
  Inspire and persuade  
  Organise and care for people and services  
  Clerical and administrative tasks  

4. What attitude is essential for this job?
  Decisive and self-confident  
  Optimistic and passionate  
  Friendly and cooperative  
  Cautious and conservative  

5. At what pace (speed) is this job done?
  Fast and prompt  
  Quick and urgent  
  Steady and balanced  
  Slow and deliberate  

6. This job requires a person who is
  Ambitious and goal oriented  
  Enthusiastic and influential  
  Considerate and dependable  
  Efficient and organised  

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